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New In Juvenile and Young Adult

Searching for Books

Library OneSearch

The Search box enables you to search everything in the library at one time, including books, music, films, journal articles, eBooks, etc. To find materials in our juvenile or young adult collections limit the results list by Using the Filter By Location limiter on the left side of the page and choosing Juvenile or Young Adult.

  • For Juvenile materials, add the word "Juvenile" to your search (Juvenile AND dogs)
  • For YA materials, add "Young Adult" to your search (Young Adult AND Family Relationships)


Reading Level

It is possible to find materials by Lexile score, Accelerated Reader level, or grade level, though students should be aware that not every book in the collection has this information available and the scores are not always in the same format. 

  • Lexile Score - Search by range starting at XX1-X00. For example search for Lexile 301-400 will return materials in that range. Some materials only have a single score, so Lexile 600 will return different books than the range 501-600. Try both a range and a specific score when searching by Lexile level. If a score is not available for a given book in the collection try the Lexile Find-A-Book tool to see if it is listed. 
  • Accelerated Reader - Search by specific level. For example a search for Accelerated Reader 4.2 will get materials assigned that level. If a book in the collection does not have an AR level, try the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder to see if it is listed. 
  • Grade Level - Some books have a grade level assigned to them which can be found by searching for Grade [1-12]. This is the least reliable way to search as grade doesn't necessarily equate with reading level. 

If you need any assistance in locating children's or young adult materials contact Susan Asplund to set up an appointment or use any of the reference services available. 


The mission of the Golden Library Juvenile and Young Adult Collection is to support the success of Eastern New Mexico University's College of Education and College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences students, faculty, and staff by providing a highly curated selection of high-quality children's, middle grade, and young adult fiction and non-fiction. 

The collection consists of modern materials as well as a collection of notable historic literature. This includes major award winners and the important works of notable authors and illustrators who significantly contributed to the fields of children's and young adult literature. For a wider selection of current materials and popular reading, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to utilize their public library.