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K-12 Instructional Resources Collection

K-12 textbooks, workbooks,and resource materials

What is the evaluation collection?

The evaluation collection is K-12 education materials evaluated by a committee of  level 2 and 3 teachers chosen by the New Mexico Department of Education.  This committee evaluates materials submitted by publishers to ensure that they meet state standards. Materials that meet these standards are approved for purchase and use in New Mexico schools.  The evaluation period allows time for local administrators and teachers to compare options before they are able to purchase them. 

Which materials are in the evalation collection?

K-12 Social Studies, Arts and Mid-cycle Mathematics:


American Government


Algebra I - NS4ed
Civics Music Algebra II - NS4ed
Economics Geometry - NS4ed
Social Studies Grade 8 Math - NS4ed
U.S. History
World History


How I get access to these materials?

Who can view these materials?

Elementary, middle school, and high school educators and administrators

ENMU faculty and any education major.

How do I access these materials?

All evaluation materials are kept in a locked room.  To view these items, you will need to contact Susan Asplund, the Serials, Online Resources, and Curriculum Librarian, and set up an appointment. Other Golden Student Success Center librarians and staff do not have access to this collection.


telephone: 575-562-2629

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