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Media Services at the GSSC: Home

Media Services page.


  • Checkout of Laptops, LCD Projectors, Projection Screens, Digital Cameras,  & iClickr Systems
  • Graphic Arts Production
  • Laminating
  • Large Format Scanning
  • Variquest Cutout system
  • Cleaning of CDs and DVDs
  • VHS to DVD conversion
  • USB drive duplication
  • Comb Binding up to 2"
  • Scantron Services


Contact us at: 575-562-2776

Streaming Links

Price List

Posters and Signs

     Full-Color Posters/Banners up to 41" wide                              $1.75/ft

     Super Poster – 24"x36" Printing                                               $3.50/ea

     Super Poster Laminating                                                           $5.00ea

     8.5 x 11 Color Prints                                                                 $0.25/pg

    Poster boards (for projects/spray mounting)                             $0.55/ea


     Large Format (length rounded up to nearest foot)                    $2.50/ft

     8 ½"x11" laminating pouch                                                       $0.60/ea

     ID Pouches                                                                                $0.25/ea

Spiral Binding Materials

     Covers/backs                                                                             $0.30/ea

     Comb ¼" binding                                                                      $0.10/ea

     Comb 3/8" or 5/16" binding                                                      $0.15/ea

     Comb ½" binding                                                                      $0.20/ea

     Comb ¾" binding                                                                      $0.25/ea

     Comb 1" binding                                                                       $0.30/ea

     Comb 1 ½" binding                                                                   $0.40/ea

     Comb 2" binding                                                                       $0.50/ea

   Colored Banner Paper

     36" wide                                                                                    $0.15/ft

Custom Buttons

     Complete buttons                                                                      $0.35/ea

Scantrons                                                                                      $0.25/ea

VHS to DVD digitization                                                             $1.50/ea DVD


Contact us at: 575-562-2776

Media Services Circulating Equipment List

For Faculty/Staff/Students

     Laptops: Faculty/Staff 2 week checkout | Student 1 week checkout

     LCD Projectors: Faculty/Staff 2 week checkout | Student 3 day checkout

     Voice Recorders: Faculty/Staff 2 week checkout | Student 1 week checkout

     Digital Cameras: Faculty/Staff 2 week checkout | Student 3 day checkout

     DVD/VHS Player: Faculty/Staff/Student 3 day checkout

     Projection Screens: Faculty/Staff/Student 3 day checkout


For Faculty/Staff (checkout length at discretion of Media Services Librarian or Staffer)


     Public Address System


Contact us at: 575-562-2776

Media Services Librarian

Sherrye Burleson

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Sherrye Burleson
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