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Library Information: Collection Development

General information about the library.

Golden Library's primary function is to support ENMU's teaching and learning mission. Library holdings consist of a basic liberal arts collection with emphasis in education, humanities, history, science and business. Periodical databases, eBooks and interlibrary loan provide access to other collections. The library maintains a number of special collections, the largest being the Jack Williamson Science Fiction Collection. The library is a selective depository for the U.S. government and the state of New Mexico.

The library builds and maintains the collection according to curricular content and needs. All material purchased with library funds becomes library property and is available to all members of the university community. Discipline-specific purchase recommendations are the responsibility of the faculty and each department selects a departmental library representative to coordinate the recommendations. A librarian liaison is assigned for each department and works directly with the departmental representative.

Collection Priorities
1. Materials that directly support the curriculum
2. Indexes and electronic databases that support research and access to other collections
3. Generalized works and information of universal importance
4. Specialized reference works
5. Materials supporting faculty research and administrative effectiveness

Golden Library divides its acquisitions fund into general library expenditures and departmental funds. Departmental funds are allocated based upon a formula that considers semester credit hours, enrollment, and the relative cost of materials in each discipline. Departmental funds are released to library liaisons who have responsibility for final purchasing decisions.

Contingency Fund
The departmental representative and liaison, acting together, may request special purchases from the library's contingency fund based upon:

1. changes in curriculum or course content
2. special needs identified in a review process, e.g., accreditation
3. the need for interdisciplinary material or that which falls outside the usual classification of the department

All new faculty are eligible to request a limited amount from this discretionary fund. For questions regarding the library's collection development policies, please contact Karen Nelson, through email at, or by phone at 575.562.2644.

Collection Weeding
Weeding activities are performed periodically, as needed, and with the full cooperation of faculty. Material subject to weeding includes the following:

1. duplicate copies of monographs, unless demand justifies additional copies
2. monographs with obsolete or inaccurate content material which no longer support the curriculum
3. superseded editions
4. items in poor physical condition which cannot be replaced
5. items missing for more than four years which cannot/should not be replaced
6. books that have not circulated in 15-20 years

Collection Analysis
A review and evaluation of the entire collection is completed annually.  Each subject area is evaluated, and all subject areas are examined for uniqueness and overlap, as compared with cohort institutions. Deans and departmental representatives are given the reviews for use in making purchasing decisions.

Librarian Liaisons

Department Librarian Liaison
Agriculture/Food Science/Kinesiology Laura Wight,
Anthropology and Applied Archaeology Regina Bouley Sweeten,
Art Regina Bouley Sweeten,
Biology Karen Nelson, 
College of Business Arya Hackney,
Communication Christy Ruby,
K-12 Curriculum Susan Asplund,
Educational Studies/Education and Technology Christy Ruby,
Health and Human Services Karen Nelson,
Languages and Literature Laura Wight,
Mathematical Sciences Susan Asplund, 
Music Susan Asplund, 
Physical Sciences Laura Wight,
Psychology and Political Science Laura Wight,
History, Social Science and Religion Richard Baysinger,
Theatre and Digital Filmmaking Richard Baysinger,
General Interest/Other Laura Wight, 


Golden Library's Acquisitions Department orders, receives and processes the monographs and media resources found in the library. The Serials Department orders, receives and processes journals, magazines and newspapers. To recommend a book or media purchase, use the Acquisitions Request Form on the library home page. After approval by departmental representatives, request forms are sent to the designated library liaisons. Faculty are notified when items are available for use. Requests for purchases are processed in the order they are received. Rush orders needed for a specific course, by a specific date, will be given priority.