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Production Services at the GSSC

Production Services Page

Services / Price List

Production Services Hours

Monday - Friday: 8am to 5pm

Contact us at: 575-562-2776

2 to 5 business day turnaround on all projects.

Submit orders via email to:

Information we need to process your order:

Extension or best form of contact:

File Name:



Lamination: Yes or No

Account Number:  If interdepartmental payment please provide the Index code and account number (10-digit code).

Paying out of Pocket: If paying for the project out-of-pocket please let us know and an invoice will be provided for you.

Date needed by: This will allow us to schedule projects effectively.

File to be processed needs to be in one of the following formats: .PDF, .JPEG, or .PNG

Please ensure that your file is attached to the email you send along with the above information provided.

Thank you,

Production Services Team

Large Format Printing
Banners up to 40" wide unlaminated, 36" laminated
For every foot longer than 6ft (60 inches) we must reduce size of banner if laminated by 2 inches.  
ex. 8ft banner 32on, 10ft banner 28in, etc.
Item Print only Printed & Lamintaed
Banners $1.75pft $4.25pft
Conference Poster – 48"x36"  $7.00ea $17.00ea
Super Poster – 24"x36" $3.50ea $8.50ea
Standard Poster - 20" x 27" $2.50ea $6.25ez
Mid-sized Poster - 18" x 24" $2.00ea $5.50ea
Concert/Playbill - 11" x 17" $1.00ea $3.50ea
Color Print - 11" x 17" $0.50ea $1.25ea
Poster Boards 22" x 28" $0.75ea
Large Format up to 40" wide $2.50pft
8 ½"x11" laminating pouch $0.60ea
ID Pouches  $0.25ea
Spiral Binding Materials
Covers/backs $0.30ea
Comb ¾" binding $0.25ea
Comb 1" binding $0.30ea
Comb 1 ½" binding $0.40ea
Comb 2" binding $0.50ea
Colored Banner Paper
36" wide  $0.15pft
Custom Buttons $0.60ea
Minimum order of 50, 10 business day turnaround
Scantrons $0.25ea

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Production Services Librarian

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Richard Baysinger

Production Services Assistant

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Jonathon Gooding
1500 S. Ave. K,
Portales, NM, 88130