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HIST 2110 -- New Mexico History

This is a guide to collect together primary and secondary resources which may be helpful to student of New Mexico History at Eastern New Mexico University. This is not a substitute for research but is instead just the beginning.

Golden Library Resources

Library of Congress Call Numbers for NM History

Sometimes, a great way to discover new items is to browse the shelves, which may lead you to items you would never have even thought of searching for. In the Golden Library's materials, you can search the general collection on the 1st floor or the Southwest materials in Special Collections located on the 2nd floor. Materials are organized by Library of Congress call number. The complete schedule can be browsed here.

Here are some call numbers of relevance for this class:

  • E11-143                                 America
  • E11-29                                         General
  • E29                                                    Elements in the population
  • E31-49.2                                      North America
  • E51-73                                         Pre-Columbian America.  The Indians
  • E75-99                                         Indians of North America
  • E81-83                                               Indian wars
  • E99                                                    Indian tribes and cultures
  • E101-135                                      Discovery of America and early explorations
  • E103-110                                            Pre-Columbian period
  • E111-120                                            Columbus
  • E121-135                                            Post-Columbian period.  El Dorado
  • E141-143                                      Descriptive accounts of America.  Earliest to 1810
  • E401-415.2                                  United States by Period --             Mexican War, 1846-1848
  • E408                                             United States by Period --                 Mexican cessions of 1848
  • F786-790: United States Local History -- New Southwest.  Colorado River, Canyon, and Valley
  • F791-805: United States Local History -- New Mexico


Are you trying to find words to use to find a specific topic? Older items may use different terminology. You can look up subject and names in the Library of Congress linked data service. Do a search for Billy the Kid, and you will find that the authorized form of his name in records for books is Billy, the Kid. Looking for Pueblo Revolt leads you to the record for Pueblo Revolt, 1680, which will lead you to some broader terms that you can search for in case a book only includes the Revolt as a portion of the text.

Pueblo Revolt LCSH Broader Terms


New Mexico Reads

New Mexico Reads Database

This ebook and audiobook collection provided by the New Mexico State Library includes Southwest history and culture titles and fiction by New Mexico authors or set in the Southwest. New Mexico Reads also includes some books on racism in America, library and information science, national topics such as the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, and a selection of audiobooks. There is a small collection of books for children and tweens and teens. ENMU users create a free account using your ENMU ID# as your library ID.  Users can also download an app for reading on a mobile device. Visit your app store and search for the Axis 360 app. Once you have downloaded the app, search for New Mexico State Library and login.

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