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Open Educational Resources (OER) and Creative Commons

A guide for faculty interested in incorporating open access materials into their curriculum.

Open Publishing Getting Started

Open Access and Accessibility

Open Access Journals

One method of publishing open access materials is to find a journal that publshing all or some of its articles open access. This may be in the form of:

  • full open access (everything, right away; there may or may not be author fees)
  • archival open access (everything, after an embargo period)
  • author-choice open access (author chooses open access, usually for an additional fee)

Increasing numbers of journals opt for some sort of open access poilicy; ask the journals you usually publish with what their policies are.

General Resources on Open Access Publishing

Open Data

Another form of open access is Open Data repositories. Even if your article is not open access, or if you haven't published an article on the data at all, the data may still be valuable to other researchers. So far data is mostly available through institutional (university, agency, or association) repositories, but other repositories are forming. Journals may also provide links to data sources, and sometime hosting, if submitted with an article. Ask about data hosting when you submit articles for publcation.